Atmospheric and Oceanic Science

Henry E. Fleming Scholarship Fund
Louis Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund in Meteorology


Department Research Award
Department Teaching Award
Devra Kleiman Memorial Scholarship
Eugenie Clark Scholarship
Howard J. Brinkley Travel Award
Jane Prichard Teaching Award

Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

Anthony D. Brown Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Laffer Scholarship

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Albert  Klavon Scholarship Fund
Brian Crawford '76 Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry
Bruce Jarvis Scholarship Endowment SHELL
Chemistry and Biochemistry Fellowship
Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Scholarship
Chemistry Teacher Scholarship - ACS/HACH
Erik B Young Chemistry & Biochem Enhancement Endowment
G Forrest Woods Memorial Scholarship
Isidore & Annie Adler Memorial Fund
Michele S Gandy Endowment Fund
The Francesco Barone Scholarship Fund

Computer Science

Chevy Chase Bank Dean's Scholarship Fund in Computer Science
John D. Gannon Endowed Scholarship
The Christopher David Malter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brian G. Lyons Scholarship Fund
The AFCEA Bethesda Chapter Computer Science Scholarship Fund
The Raj Khera and Tripti Sinha Scholarship Fund
The Guy Wassertzug/Infostructures, Inc. Computer Science Scholarship Fund
The David E. Eisner and Family Scholarship
The Tony and Diana Chen Computer Science Scholarship
The Jeffrey C. and Sandra W. Huskamp Endowed Computer Science Scholarship


The Cory Fund


The Green Scholarship in Environmental Science and Policy Earth Surface Processes


Chevy Chase Bank Dean's Scholarship Fund in Mathematics
Edgar Krahn Scholarship in Mathematics
Hsin Chu Memorial Fund
Milton Abramowitz Memorial Prize Fund
R. M. Higginbotham Memorial Fund
Secondary Education Mathematics (SEM) Scholarship
Seymour Goldberg Memorial Fund


Angelo Bardasis Fellow
Jerry B. Marion Fund
Physics Scholarship & Award Fund
The Ellen Talbert-Miller and Paul Miller Undergraduate Scholarship In Physics
The George A. Snow Memorial Fund
The Joseph Helfand Memorial Scholarship in Physics
The Professor William M. MacDonald Physics Scholarship
The Richard E. Prange Endowed Fund for Physics


Monroe Martin Prize in Applied Mathematics