• ARCS Foundation
    Award Nominations by the Graduate Directors
  • Board of Visitors Awards
    Awards Nominations by the Department Chair
  • CMNS General
    The Amit and Ruchi Mehta Graduate Research Award
    Drs. Wayne T. & Mary T. Hockmeyer Endowed Fellowship
  • Departmental Fellowships
    • Astronomy
      Gregor Wentzel Scholarship
      John Chi-Lin Wang Award for Academic Excellence 

    • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
      Dr. H.E. Landsberg Fund
      Eugene Rasmusson Endowed Fellowship
      Louis Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund in Meteorology
      The Green Fellowship in Global Climate Change

    • Biological Sciences Graduate Program (BISI) 
      Debra L. Mechanick and Dr. Jeffrey I. Mechanick Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship for Students of Physiology
      Department Research Award
      Department Teaching Award 
      Dr. Devra Kleiman Memorial Graduate Endowment
      Dr. Edna Hokenson Endowed Fellowship
      Dr. M. Zain-Ul-Abedin Memorial Scholarship
      Drs. Wayne T. & Mary T. Hockmeyer Endowed Fellowship
      Eugenie Clark Scholarship
      Howard J. Brinkley Travel Award
      Jane Prichard Teaching Award
      Stefanie & Richard Vogel Grad Student Award Fund

    • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
      Andrew J. Moyer Fund
      Carroll E. Cox Memorial Fund
      Isabel R. McDonald Memorial Fund
      Wallace Prescott Rowe Award
    • Chemistry
      Millard & Lee Alexander Fellowship in Chemistry
      Richard C. Capozza Graduate Student Award in Chemistry
      Gary & Sue Christian Graduate Award
      Glen E. Gordon Memorial Fellowship
      Jenny T. Sih Endowed Memorial Fellowship
      G. Forrest Woods Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Entomology
      Gahan Fellowship Fund
      Charles R. Reichelderfer Memorial Fund
      Allen Steinhauer Scholarship
    • Mathematics
      Rysard Syski Award
      The Dr. Ruth Davis Fellowship Fund for Mathematics and Physics
      The Mark E. Lachtman Graduate Student Award
      The Michael Brin Endowed Postdoctoral Fellowship
      The Michael Brin Graduate Student Endowed Fellowship
      The Patrick and Marguerite Sung Fellowship in Mathematics
      The Ralph D. Pass III Fellowship Fund
      James A. Yorke, PhD '66 Graduate Student Support Fund
      A. Kadir Aziz-John Osborn Graduate Student Award
      James C. Alexander Prize for Graduate Research in Mathematics
      The Monroe H. Martin Graduate Research Fellowship Fund
    • MEES
      Deborah Morrin-Nordlund '92 Memorial Travel Award
      Reid Evans Menzer Memorial Graduate Fund

    • Physics
      Kapo-Barwick Endowment in Physics
      Leon A. Herreid Science Scholarship Fund
      Myers & Friends of Physics
      Richard and Anna Iskraut Scholarship Fund
      The Monroe H. Martin Graduate Research Fellowship Fund
      The Dr. Ruth Davis Fellowship Fund for Mathematics and Physics
      The George A. Snow Memorial Fund
      The Thomas Mason Interdisciplinary Physics Fund
      Leon A. Herreid Science Scholarship Fund
      Katharine Burr Blodgett Graduate Student Fellowship

    • IPST
      The Alexander Family Fellowship Fund


  • National Scholarships and Fellowships
    The National Scholarships Office (NSO) provides extensive advising and support for a range of nationally competitive programs open to graduate students. These programs include the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, the Fulbright US Student Program (for research/studies abroad), the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Program, and numerous others. If you are interested in learning more about any of these programs, or have already begun an application, please contact the NSO at scholarships@umd.edu or visit the website at www.scholarships.umd.edu.