Drop-In Advising

The College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences (CMNS) offers general drop-in advising and SPARK drop-in advising for undergraduate students for certain topics during certain times of the year. Drop-in advising appointments should last no more than 10-15 minutes.

General drop-in advising topics are as follows:

  • In January/February and August/September: Quick questions about schedule adjustment (course selection, academic resources, etc.)
  • In April and November: Quick questions about dropping a class with a W
  • In May and December: Quick questions about withdrawing from the semester completely


SPARK (Students Pursuing Academic Resources and Knowledge) drop-in advising is intended to provide advising access at an early point in the semester when students can connect with resources to improve their performance. Early intervention helps students change patterns and make decisions early when they have time to change outcomes. 

Who should attend a SPARK drop-in session: 

  • Students experiencing challenges or barriers in their current semester 
  • Students who are concerned about their academic performance 
  • Students interested in resources that can enhance their time management and study skills


Please note, all other advising matters or anything lasting longer than 10-15 minutes should be addressed with your assigned advisor. 

If drop-in advising is not available, please contact your advisor with any questions. Drop-ins do not substitute for mandatory advising and blocks are not lifted. 

Computer Science students seeking course permissions should contact their advisor or utilize drop-in advising specifically within the Computer Science department.


Drop-in Advising Schedule

Please check these hours periodically as times may change. Drop-in advising in the Office of Student Services is only offered during the schedule adjustment period, around the last day to drop with a W and around the last day of the semester. 


Please check-in for virtual drop-in advising here. For in-person drop-ins, please visit 1300 Symons Hall.