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  • All undergraduate students in the college are on the listserv.
  • Events associated with a UMD group, as well as appropriate jobs and internships are usually acceptable.
  • No personal messages, attachments, or editorials are permitted. 
  • Messages will not be repeated day after day, but reminders are acceptable. 
  • Note: IDENTICAL MESSAGES will get rejected by the listserv system prior to editor review so you may need to alter your message.
  • All messages will be reviewed by the editor - Gene Ferrick. 
  • The digest is emailed once a day at noon.

Instructions for submission:

  • Compose an email to CMNS-UNDERGRAD-NEWS@LISTSERV.UMD.EDU making sure to enter text in the subject line and including the following information in the body. Omit any items that are not applicable. Do not insert any HTML or attachments. Please see the following link for an example:

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