Fighting Human Disease


Scientists in CMNS are tackling the dynamics of infectious and hereditary diseases at all scales, from complex multispecies conditions, such as malaria, to whole-body aging disorders; from the flu with its organ-specific infection pathway to the submicroscopic structure of disease-causing viruses and disease-fighting antibodies. From multispecies to the submolecular scale, CMNS researchers are fighting human diseases on multiple fronts.

The BBI is a research community of 100+ investigators that harnesses the power of a multi-disciplinary approach to solve the most pressing problems related to nervous system function in development, aging and disease. Explore the BBI

The University of Maryland Institute for Health Computing is a computationally empowered life science research initiative to improve the well-being and health of citizens in Maryland and beyond. Explore the IHC

IBBR leverages state-of-art integrative methods for bioanalytical, biophysical and structural characterization of biomolecules: cryo-electron microscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, x-ray crystallography, small angle neutron and x-ray scattering and mass spectrometry. IBBR researchers seek to advance therapeutic development, biomanufacturing, and state-of-the-art measurement technologies, to support accelerated delivery of safe and effective medicines to the public. Explore IBBR

CBCB is a multidisciplinary center dedicated to research on questions arising from the genome revolution. CBCB brings together scientists and engineers from many fields, including computer science, molecular biology, genomics, genetics, mathematics, statistics, and physics, all of whom share a common interest in gaining a better understanding of how life works. Explore CBCB

The Center for Medical Innovations in Extended Reality, known as MIXR, joins UMD computer scientists and engineers with physicians and clinicians at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore and the University of Michigan to develop, test and certify XR technologies in medicine and health care. Explore MIXR