The University Career Center @ CMNS (UCC @ CMNS) is a distributed office of the main University Career Center that specifically supports the career needs of CMNS students. We provide tailored advising and events representing industries and professional fields related to majors within CMNS. To ensure you are able to take advantage of all the resources UCC @ CMNS has to offer, please make sure to list your CMNS major in your Careers4Terps profile. 

What can the UCC @ CMNS help with? 



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Careers4Terps is a free, web-based service providing students and alumni access to full-time, part-time and internship positions posted by employers looking for UMD students and alumni. 

CMNS Job and Internship Opportunities

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Career Assistance Appointments

Whether you know exactly what you want to do or are still exploring different career options, the UCC@CMNS can help. 

All appointments at the University Career Center @ CMNS can be scheduled online through Careers4Terps (C4T) at, or by calling the University Career Center & The President's Promise at 301-314-7225. At this time all appointments are being held on Zoom. Link is provided in the reminder email once you make an appointment. In person appointments should be available in Fall 2021. 

Who would you meet with? 

Rebecca Ryan
Program Director, CMNS

Where is the University Career Center @ CMNS located? 

1320 Symons Hall 
Right now resources are available online, as staff are spending limited days on campus. You can always email Rebecca ( with any questions or concerns.