Alumni Association Hall of Fame

Charles L. Bennett
B.S. 1978, Astronomy and Physics
Inducted June 5, 2010

George B. Dantzig
B.A. 1936 Mathematics, D.Sc (Hon.) 1976
Inducted June 5, 2010 Posthumously

Raymond Davis, Jr.
B.S. 1937, M.S. 1940, Chemistry
Inducted June 4, 2005

Ruth M. Davis
M.A. 1952, Ph.D. 1955 Mathematics
Inducted June 10, 2000

John "Jack" E. Faber, Jr.
B.S. 1926, M.S. 1927, Ph.D. 1937, Bacteriology
Inducted June 10, 2000 Posthumously

Robert E. Fischell
M.S. 1953 Physics, D.Sc. (Hon.) 1996
Inducted June 10, 2000

Charles L. Fefferman
B.S. 1966 Mathematics, D.Sc. (Hon.) 1979
Inducted April 22, 1995

Herbert A. Hauptman
Ph.D. 1955 Mathematics, D.Sc. (Hon.) 1985
Inducted April 22, 1995

Russell E. Marker
B.S. 1923, M.S. 1924, Chemistry, D.Sc. (Hon.) 1987
Inducted June 4 2005 Posthumously

Tobin J. Marks
B.S. 1966 Chemistry
Inducted June 4, 2005

Charles Thomas "Tom" McMillen
B.S. 1974, Chemistry
Inducted June 5, 2010

Chun-Shan Shen
Ph.D. 1961, Physics
Inducted April 22, 1995

Reginald Van Trump Truitt
B.S. 1914, M.S. 1922
Inducted April 22, 1995 Posthumously

President's Distinguished Alumnus Awards

2009 Robert Fischell (1953 M.S. Physics and 1996 D.Sc. (Hon.))
2004 Charles Fefferman (1966 B.S. and 1979Ph.D. (Hon.)), Herbert Jones Professor of Math, Princeton University 2003
2003 Herbert Hauptman (1955 Ph.D. Mathematics and 1985 D.Sc. (Hon.)), President Hauptman-Woodward Institute
2001 John Apel (1957 B.S. and 1961 M.S. Physics), President, Global Ocean Associates
1995 James D. McGroddy (1965 Ph.D. Physics), Vice President Of Research, IBM
1984 John M. Dennis (1943 B.S. Pre-Med), Dean, University of Maryland Medical School
1993 Ruth M. Davis (1952 M.A. and 1955 Ph.D. Mathematics), Scientist

Outstanding Young Alumnus Award - For professional and personal achievements as a recent graduate

2012 Eddie Frederick, (2003 B.S. Computer Science, Mathematics), Co-founder, LivingSocial
2009 Zekeria Mokhtarzada (2001 B.S. Computer Science) and D. Haroon Mokhtarzada (2001 B.A. Economics)
2005 Sujal M. Patel (1996 B.S. Computer Science), Founder and Chairman, Isilon Systems, Inc.
2003 Sergey Brin (1993 B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science), Co-Founder and President, Google Inc.

International Award - For providing significant leadership to another country's educational, cultural, social and/or economic development

2012 Ravi Kuchimanchi (1991 M.S., and 1995 Ph.D. Physics), Founder, Association for India's Development
2008 Liuqing "Larry" Huang (1993 Ph.D. Computer Science), President, Actiz Software and CTO, Primeton Technologies
2006 Naresh C. Gupta (1991 M.S. and 1993 Ph.D. Computer Science), Senior Vice President, Adobe Systems, Inc.
2005 Amitava Raychaudhuri (1977 Ph.D. Physics), Director, Harish-Chandra Research Institute
2004 R. Paul Butler (1993 Ph.D. Astronomy), Staff Scientist, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institute of Washington.

Abram Z. Gottwals Awards

1973 Reginal V. Truitt (1914 B.S. and 1922 M.S. Biological Sciences)

Ralph J. Tyser Medallion Awards

1996 E. Robert Kent (1934 B.S. Mathematics, Physical Science)
1993 John "Jack" Faber (1926 B.S. and 1937 Ph.D. Bacteriology)

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences Distinguished Alumni Awards

2012 John Quinn, (1958 Ph.D. Physics), Professor and Willis Lincoln Chair of Excellence, Department of Physics, University of Tennessee
2011 Simon A. Levin (1964 Ph.D. Mathematics) , George M. Moffett Professor, Princeton University

College of Chemical & Life Sciences' Distinguished Alumni Awards

2009 C. Thomas McMillen (1974 B.S. Chemistry), President, CEO and Chairman, Homeland Security Capital Corporation
2008 Joseph V. Rodricks (1963 M.S. and 1968 Ph.D. Chemistry), Principal, Environ Holdings, Inc.
2007 Willie E. May (1977 Ph.D. Chemistry), Director of the Chemical Sciences and Technology Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology
2006 Walter R. Dowdle (1961 Ph.D. Microbiology), Senior Consultant to the World Health Organization
2005 Malcolm L. Gefter (1963 B.S. Chemistry), Chairman/CEO, Praecis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
2004 Gina Kolata (1969 B.S. Microbiology, 1973 M.A. Mathematics), Science Writer, The New York Times
2003 Franklyn Jenifer (1970 Ph.D. Botany), President of the University of Texas at Dallas
2002 Brian Farrell (1985 M.S. and 1991 Ph.D. Entomology), Professor of Biology, Harvard University

College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences' Distinguished Alumni Award

2009 James Kaplan (1970 Ph.D. Applied Mathematics), President, Cubic Asset Management
2008 Jordan A. Goodman (1973 B.S., 1975 M.S. and 1978 Ph.D. Physics), Professor and Former Chair, Department of Physics, University of Maryland
2007 Phillip H. Horvitz (1975 B.S. Computer Science), Chief Technology Officer, Apptis, Inc.
2006 Jagdeep Singh (1986 B.S. Computer Science), President and CEO, Infinera
2005 Miguel Rios, Jr. (1972 Ph.D. Physics), CEO, Orion International Technologies, Inc.
2004 Ruth Davis (1952 M.A. and 1955 Ph.D. Mathematics), President and Chief Executive Officer of The Pymatuning Group
2003 Alan Harbitter (1982 M.S. Computer Science), Chief Technology Officer, PEC Solutions
2002 James Yorke (1966 Ph.D. Mathematics), Director, University of Maryland Institute for Physical Sciences and Technology
2001 James C. McGroddy (1965 Ph.D. Physics), Chairman, Integrated Surgical Systems, Inc.