Here are some of the many ways you can support the work of the University of Maryland's College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences (CMNS). Like most supporters, you may target any gift to a specific department, center, institute or initiative. Your gift can be on any scale that you feel comfortable and can be structured to suit your wishes: to honor a parent, to be provided over a period of years or be a planned gift. Contact Megan Carnell (301.405.0205) to custom-design the opportunity you really care about.

Below are CMNS funds that you can contribute to:

  • CMNS Graduate Student Education and Training Fund: Graduate students are fundamental to our college's strength. This fund helps to advance discovery and innovation through graduate student fellowships, professional development and other programs.
  • CMNS Dean's Fund: This fund allows the Dean to respond quickly to challenges and opportunities. Your gift will support education and research programs, signature events, and professional development opportunities.
  • CMNS Discovery and Innovation Fund: This fund awards small innovation grants and supports faculty and student research projects to advance discovery in areas including:
    • The Earth, atmosphere, environment and climate
    • Bioscience and biomedicine
    • Applied mathematics, bioinformatics and big data
    • Cybersecurity
    • Nanoscience
    • Quantum science and computing
  • CMNS Research Investment Fund: This fund is used to upgrade laboratory and research facilities, purchase laboratory instruments for teaching and research, and act as matching funds to secure research grants when needed.
  • Additional Opportunities
    • Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Innovation Enhancement FundThe Brendan Iribe Center Enhancement Fund will provide for furnishings, equipment, projects and programs consistent with the building. Funds may also be utilized to enhance the scope of the building.  This building is made possible by a leadership gift from Brendan Iribe. The State of Maryland and the University of Maryland will complete funding for this project along with generous donors. 
    • Faculty Support
      • Research infrastructure endowment
      • Endowed professorships and chairs
      • Recruitment and retention packages
      • Visiting professor and postdoctoral fellow programs
      • Endowed laboratories

Naming Opportunities

The University is happy and proud to recognize major gifts by permanently associating the name, either of the donor(s) or of the individual(s) the donor wishes to honor, with some part of the institution. Naturally, the magnitude of the gift plays a role in determining the appropriate naming opportunity. The opportunities in CMNS include:

  • The Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Innovation: any of the many kinds of spaces it will contain.
  • The Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center: undergraduate chemistry labs
  • The Physical Sciences Complex or Bioscience Research Building: the whole building or any one of the many kinds of spaces they contain.
  • Other spaces within the college, such as:
    • Classrooms in the Computer Science Instructional Center
    • Renovated spaces in the Microbiology or Chemistry Buildings
    • Renovated laboratories for condensed matter physics in the Toll Physics Building
    • Renovated teaching classrooms in the Mathematics Building
    • The Astronomy teaching observatory
  • Endowed scholarships for undergraduates
  • Endowed fellowships for graduate students
  • Endowed Professorships and Chairs
  • Endowed teaching and research programs
  • Naming a department or institute
  • Naming the College

CMNS development staff members are happy to talk with you about possibilities you might be interested in. Contact Megan Carnell at 301.405.0205 or to start a conversation.