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Studying Abroad Fall 2022 - unreachable
Computer Science: Cybersecurity major and ACES minor
Gaithersburg, MD
Biological Sciences (Cell Bio & Genetics track)
Double Degree: Criminal Justice
Assistant Dean for Development
Senior Academic Advisor
Biological Sciences Major
Clarksburg, MD
Integrated Life Sciences
Biological Sciences Major
Potomac, MD
FIRE Program
Clinical research at UMMC
Biochemistry and Public Health Science Double Major
Huntingtown, MD
Integrated Life Sciences Honors Program
Applied Microbiology and Environmental Assessment Lab
Biological Sciences Major
North Potomac, MD
Scholars Life Sciences
Director, Science Academy
Fellow, Joint Quantum Institute
Past Co-Director, Joint Quantum Institute
Associate Dean for Research
Biological Sciences: Physiology & Neurobiology Major
Rockville, MD
College Park Scholars: Life Sciences
Alzheimer’s Biomarker Research
Computer Science Major
Fulton, MD
Design Cultures and Creativity Honors Program
Program Manager, New Student Programs
Biological Sciences (General Biology track)
Double Degree: Psychology
Director, Data Science and Analytics Master of Professional Studies Program
Director, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Master of Professional Studies Program
Professor, Mathematics