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May 10, 2018 Biology's Karen Lips Comments on Study Showing Most Likely Origin of Frog-killing Fungus - The Atlantic
May 10, 2018 Biology's Karen Lips Discusses Lethal Frog Fungus - National Geographic
May 10, 2018 University Medal Awarded to Physics and Astronomy Senior Christopher Bambic
May 10, 2018 Local Elementary School Students Participated in UMD Biological Sciences Lecture
May 10, 2018 Senior Biological Sciences Major Kristen Confroy Awarded Big Ten Postgraduate Scholarship -
May 9, 2018 Dinesh Manocha Joins UMD as the Paul Chrisman Iribe Professor of Computer Science
May 9, 2018 New Research Reveals How Energy Dissipates Outside Earth’s Magnetic Field
May 9, 2018 The Honorable C. Thomas McMillen and Mitchell Rock to Speak at College’s Spring Commencement Ceremony
May 7, 2018 College Announces 2018 Employee Award Recipients
May 7, 2018 Senior Biological Sciences Major Kristen Confroy Awarded Big Ten Medal of Honor -
May 3, 2018 A New Model for Communication in Plant Cells
May 3, 2018 Spring Break 2018 in Arizona with College Park Scholars: GEOL288A (Video)
May 2, 2018 Astronomy's Drake Deming Comments on Study Discovering Helium in Exoplanet Tail - Nature
May 1, 2018 A Virtually Transforming Experience (Video)
April 19, 2018 Atoms May Hum a Tune from Grand Cosmic Symphony
April 14, 2018 Carl Dieffenbach (B.S. '76, Biochemistry) Discusses Age-related Diseases in HIV-infected People - The Washington Post
April 9, 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Awarded to 10 College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences Students
April 6, 2018 A Different Spin on Superconductivity
April 5, 2018 Four UMD Students Named 2018 Goldwater Scholars
April 3, 2018 Join Us for Maryland Day on Saturday, April 28!
April 2, 2018 Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm Named Chair of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at UMD
March 29, 2018 The Sahara Desert is Expanding
March 29, 2018 Meet Lillian Sun, a Biological Sciences and Economics Undergraduate
March 28, 2018 Latest Nanowire Experiment Boosts Confidence in Majorana Sighting
March 28, 2018 New American Physical Society Award Honors Richard Isaacson (Ph.D. '67, Physics)