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February 24, 2011 Study Shows UMD-Designed Fungi Can Combat Malaria, Lyme Disease & Other Bug-Borne Illnesses
February 23, 2011 Quasar's Belch Solves Longstanding Mystery
February 22, 2011 Gas Rich Galaxies Confirm Modified Gravity Prediction
February 9, 2011 UMD and Tenable Announce New Cybersecurity Partnership
January 31, 2011 UMD Advance Lights Possible Path to Creating Next Gen Computer Chips
January 27, 2011 Gene 'Relocation' Key to Most Evolutionary Change in Bacteria
December 9, 2010 New Study Shows Earthly Gold Came from 'Alien' Bombardment
December 3, 2010 University of Maryland Research Brings Next Generation Forecasting for the Chesapeake Bay
November 19, 2010 University of Maryland "Battle of the Brains" Team to Compete in Finals
November 18, 2010 Spacecraft Flew Through 'Snowstorm' on Encounter with Comet Hartley 2
November 10, 2010 NIST Awards $15 Million Grant to UMD to Support Postdoc Nanotechnology Research
November 10, 2010 NSF funds UMD Program to Advance Women Faculty in Science and Engineering
November 8, 2010 Research Partnership Awarded $9.9M from NSF to Develop “Super Rice”
November 4, 2010 UMD Leads Deep Impact Spacecraft on Successful Flyby of Comet Hartley 2
November 3, 2010 University of Maryland, Leading Chilean University Create Joint Astronomy Ph.D. Program
November 2, 2010 UMD-Led Mission Films Jets of Material Coming from Comet
October 25, 2010 Maryland to Lead $5 Million NSF-funded Research Partnership to Develop Drought Tolerant Canola Crops
October 19, 2010 New UMD Cybersecurity Center Aims at Public-Private Partnerships
October 18, 2010 Computer Modeling of Swimming Fish Could Lead To New Robots and Prosthetics
October 15, 2010 University of Maryland Startup, VisiSonics, Named 'One to Watch'
October 13, 2010 Nicotine May Play Key Role in Promising Alzheimer's Therapy
October 7, 2010 UMD and UMass Chemists Design Cloaked, Anti-Cancer Toxin to Kill Tumors from Within
October 4, 2010 Academic Advantages and Critical World Problems Drive UMD Integration of Two Science Colleges