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February 14, 2013 Computers and crowdsourcing envision safe ways to take a walk
February 12, 2013 Professor transforms a troublesome "bug" into a source for new biofuels
February 7, 2013 UMD and ManTech Announce Partnership for Advanced Cybersecurity Research
February 5, 2013 Comet Debuting in New Deep Impact Movie Expected to Star this Winter
January 31, 2013 UMD Technology Measures Super Bowl Reactions in Real Time
January 30, 2013 UMD Freshmen Take Second Place in Global “Code Wars”
January 24, 2013 UMD Research Team Developing Powerful Data Visualization Tool with Support from Oracle
January 16, 2013 Physics Professor Sylvester "Jim" Gates Appointed USM Regents Professor
December 28, 2012 UMD’s Jim Gates Awarded Nation’s Top Science Honor
December 14, 2012 NASA Awards $36 Million to UMD for Earth Systems Study
December 12, 2012 UMD Computer Team Wins Regionals, On To World Finals
December 3, 2012 UMD “Time Reversal” Findings May Open Doors to the Future
November 30, 2012 CMNS Faculty Named AAAS Fellows
November 29, 2012 Deciphering the Mysteries of Aging
November 19, 2012 New Informatics and Bioimaging Center Combines Resources, Expertise from UMD, UMB
November 1, 2012 Worms That Lose That Loving Feeling Also Lose Thousands of Active Genes
October 20, 2012 Physics Students Create Volunteer Tutoring Program for Fellow Undergrads
October 17, 2012 Bus Service for Qubits
October 4, 2012 Protecting the Human Rights of Scientists
October 2, 2012 Science Names Biology Professor Arthur Popper Godfather of Fish Bioacoustics
October 1, 2012 Fail Fast to Succeed Early
October 1, 2012 From Research to Market
October 1, 2012 Hands-on Experience for Budding Life Sciences Entrepreneurs
October 1, 2012 Students Catch Innovation Bug Early
October 1, 2012 Top Tech Companies Have CMNS Connection