• Eddies on the planet Jupiter
    Laying Down the Laws

    Mathematics Professor Jacob Bedrossian isn't intimidated by the impossible. He has already tackled two major projects that mathematicians said couldn't be done.

  • Pavan Ravindra
    Pavan Ravindra Solves Equations - and Rubik's Cubes

    The biochemistry and computer science dual-degree student brings to the lab the same mental focus and hands-on problem-solving skills he uses to solve the Rubik's puzzle.

  • Liz Friedman
    Antarctica Adventure

    Physics Ph.D. student Liz Friedman searches for neutrinos at the bottom of the world.

  • How Plants Shut the Door on Infection

    International team including University of Maryland researchers discovers key immune system protein in plants.

  • Unlike other kinds of quantum computers, quantum computers built atop topological error correction smear a single qubit’s worth of information out among a network of many qubits. (Credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay)
    Quantum Computers Do the (Instantaneous) Twist

    Researchers at JQI have discovered ways to implement robust, error-resistant gates using just a constant number of simple building blocks—achieving essentially the best reduction possible in a parameter called circuit depth. Their findings, which apply to quantum computers based on topological quantum error correcting codes, were reported in two papers published recently in the journals Physical Review Letters and Physical Review B, and expanded on in a third paper published earlier in the journal Quantum.

  • Todd Cooke Honored with 2020 Kirwan Undergraduate Education Award

    As director of the Integrated Life Sciences honors program, Cooke pushed academically accomplished undergraduates to change the world.

  • Faculty Promotions Announced by UMD College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

    Twelve tenured/tenure-track faculty members, seven instructional faculty members and 16 research faculty members were promoted.

  • Anna Phung
    Meet Maryland Promise Scholar: Anna Phung

    Phung is a rising sophomore biological sciences major with a concentration in general biology and a member of the Integrated Life Sciences program in the Honors College.

  • covid 19 ball
    Coronavirus Stories

    Faculty, staff, students and alumni from UMD's College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences worked to make a difference during the pandemic. 

  • Heaviest Black Hole Merger is Among Three Recent Gravitational Wave Discoveries

    University of Maryland physicists help identify merging black holes that may redefine size limits for collapsed stars.