Datesort ascending Title
July 9, 2021 Daniel Gottesman Joins UMD as the First Brin Family Endowed Professor in Theoretical Computer Science
July 9, 2021 Match Matters: The Right Combination of Parents Can Turn A Gene Off Indefinitely
July 7, 2021 Researchers Record Brain Waves to Measure ‘Cybersickness’
July 5, 2021 William Jeffery Named 2021 Distinguished University Professor
July 2, 2021 Why Does Mercury Have Such a Big Iron Core? Magnetism!
June 24, 2021 Steve Rolston Reappointed as Chair of UMD Department of Physics
June 23, 2021 Rising Greenhouse Gases Pose Continued Threat to Arctic Ozone Layer
June 23, 2021 First Clear View of a Boiling Cauldron Where Stars are Born
June 23, 2021 UMD Invests Over $10M in Research Equipment to Drive Discovery, Innovation
June 22, 2021 National Academy Member James Farquhar Named Chair of UMD’s Department of Geology
June 21, 2021 Kollár Receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award
June 21, 2021 Matthias Zwicker Named Chair of UMD’s Department of Computer Science
June 17, 2021 Konstantina Trivisa to Continue as Director of UMD’s Institute for Physical Science and Technology
June 17, 2021 When Tyrannosaurs Dominated, Medium-sized Predators Disappeared
June 16, 2021 Harnessing the Power of AI, One Project at a Time
June 16, 2021 Quantum Competing
June 15, 2021 In Perfect Sync
June 14, 2021 Jose Calderon Sees Teaching as a Craft to Work On, Not a Skill to Master
June 14, 2021 Eppler Selected for St. Jude National Graduate Student Symposium
June 11, 2021 UMD Computer Science Students Are Excited to Compete in the “Not-a-Boring Competition”
June 11, 2021 Modeling and Troubleshooting 2D and 3D Audio Technologies
June 11, 2021 Promoting Diversity and Fairness in AI Systems
June 11, 2021 UMD Pushes New Technologies to Improve VR/AR
June 7, 2021 Virtual Learning: One Year Later
June 7, 2021 Triple Galaxy Merger Sends Mixed Signals