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October 8, 2013 UMD Higgs hunters celebrate Nobel Prize in Physics
October 8, 2013 Higgs hunters describe the physics behind the Nobel Prize
October 16, 2013 Terrapin Hackers' hackathon win makes UMD "Best School for Hackers"
October 18, 2013 In Nepal, villagers’ land uses help people and tigers
October 29, 2013 "Diabetic flies" can speed up disease-fighting research
October 30, 2013 Physicist Ed Ott and colleagues find a way to slay "dragon kings"
November 11, 2013 Creating quantum magnets with qubits and colored lasers
November 14, 2013 UMD Ranked as Global Leader in Remote Sensing Research
November 15, 2013 “The era of neutrino astronomy has begun”
November 18, 2013 New health informatics center "making a difference in people's lives" - video
November 20, 2013 Earth scientists in developing world face a data disadvantage
November 26, 2013 Evolution, Civil War history meet in fossil with tragic past
December 3, 2013 UMD-Led Research Finds Subtle Signs of Water on Faraway Planets
December 5, 2013 Who wants stinkbugs for supper?
December 6, 2013 Game theory shows why some communities punish bad neighbors
December 9, 2013 Ubie's Story
December 13, 2013 IceCube Wins 2013 Breakthrough of the Year
December 26, 2013 With Fewer Hard Frosts, Tropical Mangroves Push North
January 2, 2014 Models May Underestimate the Impact of Climate Change
January 3, 2014 Remote Sensing to the Rescue
January 3, 2014 New Complex Helps Attract Nation's Top Physicists to JQI
January 3, 2014 Great Science Happens Here - Physical Sciences Complex Opens Its Doors
January 3, 2014 UMD Undergraduates Discover Rare Eclipsing Double Asteroid
January 4, 2014 PSC Strengthens NIST Partnership - Katharine Gebbie Advocated for JQI and New Facility
January 5, 2014 Design Innovations Foster Research Breakthroughs