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May 12, 2014 Ghostbusters Science: Gamma-Ray Lasers Could Be Made From Positronium Antimatter, say Joint Quantum Institute researchers
May 13, 2014 UMD offers “relativity camp” to teach teens about physics - Washington Post
May 14, 2014 Racing the Clock to Help Young Patients with Old Hearts
May 17, 2014 UMD’s New Supercomputer Expands College’s High-Performance Computing for Research
May 21, 2014 Prof. Jonathan Katz Interviewed about China Hacking - Voice of America
May 21, 2014 Prof. Sumant Nigam Named Chair of American Meteorological Society's Committee on Climate Variability and Change
May 22, 2014 "There Will Be Blood": Mosquito Self-Defense From Mike Raupp the Bug Guy - NBC4
May 28, 2014 Physics Can Explain Income Inequality, Finds Victor Yakovenko - Science
May 28, 2014 When Organisms Feed On Each Other, What's Temperature Got to Do With It?
May 29, 2014 College Receives $1.2 Million HHMI Grant for Science Education
May 29, 2014 Minerals and meteorites: Physics' Johnpierre Paglione searches for new superconductors - Physics Today
May 30, 2014 ESSIC's Sinead Farrell Racks up Frequent Flyer Mileage thru IceBridge
May 30, 2014 Tips for Safety as Tick Season Ramps Up, from Entomology's Mike Raupp - WTOP
June 3, 2014 SESYNC Study Provides First Global Look of World’s Water-Stressed Cities
June 3, 2014 Professor Jennifer Golbeck Discusses What Researchers Can Learn From Your Online Data - IT World
June 3, 2014 Asst. Prof. Melissa Kenney a Lead Author on Third National Climate Assessment
June 3, 2014 Prof. Antonio Busalacchi Studies Evolving Taste, Alcohol Content in Worldwide Wines
June 3, 2014 Computer Science Alumnus David Jones Hatches Sub-$300 Consumer 3D Printer, Raise $3.3M on Kickstarter
June 4, 2014 Joint Quantum Institute Director Steve Rolston Discusses "Why The NSA Probably Really, Really Wants a Quantum Computer" - The Atlantic
June 5, 2014 Computer Science and Microsoft Researchers Introduce Permacoin, a Better Alternative to Bitcoin
June 5, 2014 Geologist Sujay Kaushal Wins Council on Environment Junior Faculty Award
June 6, 2014 Using Interactive Maps to Help Endangered Species Recover - Defenders of Wildlife
June 6, 2014 Physics Professor Chris Monroe Discusses "The Incremental Quest for Quantum Computing" - Photonics Spectra
June 9, 2014 Is Climate Change Response 'Fight or Flight' or 'Rest and Digest'? - OpEd in Live Science by Prof. Raghu Murtugudde
June 9, 2014 College's Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center and National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center Join New Mid-Atlantic Coastal Resiliency Institute