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Alexander Wolfson
Chemistry Major
Kensington, MD
University Honors Program

Year: Junior

Hometown: Kensington, Maryland

Major(s)/Minor(s): Chemistry Major

Living & Learning & Other Special Programs: University Honors, Recipient of CMNS Alumni Network Undergraduate Student Award

Research: Ophthalmology (University of Maryland School of Medicine), and Molecular Biophysics (Fushman Lab)

Activities: UMD Club tennis, Hillel, running

Clinical Experience: Shadowed oncologist Dr. Sandra Ginsberg and cardiologist Dr. Eva Hausnerova and will work with Dr. Sunshine on Ophthalmology clinical research

Leadership: Academic Peer Mentor (AMP) to first year chemistry and biochemistry students enrolled in CHEM 177

Favorite Class(es): Calculus III, Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism), Organic Chemistry II

Favorite spots on campus: Tawes Plaza by the fountain & Mckeldin Library 4th floor

In my free time, I enjoy: Playing tennis, watching UMD sports games, reading, and running. pending time with my family, traveling, playing tennis, and watching re-runs of Friends