Kiara Oteyza
Biological Sciences: Neurobiology and Physiology major
FIRE Research Stream: Host-Pathogen Interactions

Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): Biological sciences (specializing in neurobiology and physiology) major

FIRE Research Stream: Host-Pathogen Interactions

Activities: Fundraising and volunteering for the UMCP KDSAP, FCA (Filipino cultural association) events, being a research peer mentor for my fire stream, singing/playing the violin

Favorite Spot(s) on Campus: The Clarice, Yahentamitsi dining hall, McKeldin Library

Favorite Class(es): BIOM301, CHEM241, BSCI170, SOCY100, FIRE298, MATH135

In my free time, I enjoy: Drawing, cooking, singing/playing the violin, Binge watching shows (K drams, anime, Disney plus) 

My favorite thing about being a BioFIRE peer mentor: Being able to connect with the next generation of BioFIRE students and sharing my experiences at UMD that I hope will be of use to them in their experience