Shashank Arava
Contact Info
CMNS Peer Mentor Office Hours
1317 Symons Hall
Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm
Shashank Arava
Mathematics (Statistics track)

Year: He/Him

Year:  Junior

Hometown:  Woodbine, MD

Activities I Enjoy:  Traveling, watching sports, working out

Favorite Spot(s) on Campus:  Performing Arts Library, ESJ, Atlantic Building, Van Munching Hall

Favorite Class(es):  CMSC131, MATH461

In My Free Time, I Enjoy:  Playing sports, lifting weights, exploring DC, and watching movies.

My Favorite Thing About Being a CMNS Peer Mentor:  Being able to interact with and assist students on their academic journeys by helping with graduation plans, leading them through UNIV100, and getting to know the other CMNS Peer Mentors.