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Joelle Presson
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Academic Programs


I earned a PhD in Neuroscience in 1982. My doctoral research focused on the effects of early experience on the development of the mammalian visual system. During two post-docs my research centered on post embryonic neurogenesis in the visual and auditory systems. I continued to do research, in Dr. Art Popper's lab, and published for ten years after I took an administrative advising position. I began as Undergraduate Director in Zoology in 1990, and moved to the College (then College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) in 1994. I was promoted to Assistant Dean around 2005. I have taught numerous courses in Biology, both majors and non-majors courses. My major teaching accomplishment was the development of a new General Education course called "Beyond Race; Human Biological Diversity". The course presents the evidence that racial categories are not biological. As Assistant Dean in CMNS I also have been Director of the Science in the Evening Program, a founding member of the Terrapin Teachers Program, and for 17 years was the CMNS representative to the campus Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee. In 2007 I published a biology textbook with co-author Jan Jenner, titled "Biology: Dimensions of Life".


BA Psychology University of South Florida (1974)
PhD Neuroscience University of Oregon (1982)
Post-doc Visual Developmental Neurobiology, University of Oregon (1982 - 1985)
Post-doc Auditory Developmental Neurobiology, Georgetown University (1985 - 1987)
Research Associate Auditory Developmental Neurobiology, University of Maryland, (1987 - 1990)

What I like best about working for CMNS:

The people are collegial and caring. My bosses have always been supportive. The College is very student centered. I have had the pleasure of working on diverse projects with wonderful people all across campus.

In my spare time, I enjoy:

Cooking, Gardening, Grandkids, Kung Fu

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