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September 19, 2012 UMD Debuts Coursera 'MOOC' Offerings
September 18, 2012 Blind Cavefish Use Teeth to Find Their Way, New UMD Research Shows
September 10, 2012 UMD Researchers Develop New Methods to Combat Terrorist Group
August 2, 2012 Half of the Particulate Pollution in North America Comes from Other Continents
July 20, 2012 UMD Hosts Olympics of the Mind: International Chemistry Olympiad
July 12, 2012 Dancing Among the Stars: UMD Space Mission a Finalist for Chance to 'Jitterbug' on Comet
July 12, 2012 UMD Creates New Tech for Complex Micro Structures for Use in Sensors & Other Apps
July 11, 2012 UMD and Sourcefire Announce New Cybersecurity Partnership
June 28, 2012 Mary Ann Rankin Named Senior Vice President and Provost at University of Maryland
June 26, 2012 UMD-Led Research Yields Key to Better Predictions of El Nino
June 18, 2012 UMD-Led International Team Gains New Insight on Cholera Strains Contributing to 2010 Haitian Outbreak
June 14, 2012 UMD Scientist Continues 'Atom Smashing' Leadership of U.S. Collaboration for CMS
June 13, 2012 UMD Plays Key Role in Project IDing Bacteria that Cohabit Human Body
June 11, 2012 Unique Program To Educate Next Generation of U.S. Cybersecurity Leaders
June 3, 2012 UMD Scientists Create Faster, More Sensitive Photodetector by Tricking Graphene
May 31, 2012 Winter Honey Bee Losses Decline
May 31, 2012 X-ray 'Echoes' Map a Supermassive Black Hole's 'Extreme' Neighborhood
May 30, 2012 Short Movie Stored in an Atomic Memory
May 20, 2012 Searching for Clues to Biological Functions
May 15, 2012 UMD Finding May Hold Key to Gaia Theory of Earth as Living Organism
May 10, 2012 Keys to Cybersecurity Education, Legislation & Technology Spotlighted in UMD Symposium, May 15-16
May 8, 2012 Lighting the Way to a Fast, Low-power Optical Transistor
May 7, 2012 Commencement 2012: Jenny Wang, Biological Sciences, Named Student Medalist
May 4, 2012 CMNS Team Gives Drug Dropouts a Second Chance
April 25, 2012 UMD M-Urgency App Now Streams iPhone Emergency Info