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October 13, 2021 New Discovery Offers a Glimpse of Our Solar System’s Potential Fate when the Sun Dies
October 13, 2021 Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science Receives Renewed Federal Funding from NIST
October 18, 2021 Graphene’s Magic Act Relies on a Small Twist
November 10, 2021 Happy Birthday, Coach!
November 12, 2021 The Power of BioFIRE’s Living-Learning Community
November 15, 2021 College Raises $200M for UMD Fearless Ideas Campaign
November 15, 2021 Alum Merges Diving Hobby with Decompression Sickness Research
November 17, 2021 $32.5M Cooperative Agreement Between NASA and UMD Expands Public Access to Data on Comets, Asteroids and Other Small Bodies
November 29, 2021 New Study Shows the Largest Comet Ever Observed was Active at Near-Record Distance
December 6, 2021 Distinguished University Professor Mark Freidlin Retires
December 7, 2021 UMD Computer Scientist Ming Lin Elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors
December 7, 2021 $1.14M from the State of Maryland will Match Private Donation to Establish Two Brendan Iribe Endowed Professorships at UMD
December 8, 2021 Technique, Hard Work and Fearlessness
December 9, 2021 Professor YuHuang Wang Named Fellow of the American Physical Society
December 9, 2021 Remembering “Everybody’s Teacher”
December 13, 2021 $4.75 Million Gift Establishes Brin Mathematics Research Center at UMD
December 13, 2021 The Chemistry of Candy
December 15, 2021 Jie Li Develops New Technologies to Better Understand Tissue Formation
December 16, 2021 Senior Chemistry Major Creates Model to Simulate Molecular Energy Transfer
December 20, 2021 Congratulations to the College's August and December 2021 Graduates!
December 22, 2021 From Groundbreakings to Breakthroughs: Read Our Top Stories of 2021
January 4, 2022 Rethinking the Wild World of Species Diversity in Microbes
January 4, 2022 Professor Joan Jian-Jian Ren Builds Big Data Tools
January 6, 2022 Frit, Fume Hoods and Flexibility
January 7, 2022 Securing Systems and Chasing Bad Guys