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November 7, 2017 UMD Neuroscientists Identify Source of Early Brain Activity
November 7, 2017 Entomology's Michael Raupp Discusses Spiders in the Home - WTOP
November 8, 2017 Ion Qubits Offer Early Glimpse of Quantum Error Detection
November 9, 2017 China’s Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Declined Significantly While India’s Grew Over Last Decade
November 9, 2017 Geology's Thomas Holtz Discusses Tyrannosaurus Rex's "Tiny" Arms - The Daily Beast
November 13, 2017 Astronomy's Sylvain Veilleux Co-PI on One of 13 Proposals Selected for Early Observing Time on the James Webb Space Telescope - STScI
November 13, 2017 Hitomi Mission Glimpses Cosmic 'Recipe' for the Nearby Universe - NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
November 14, 2017 Zwicky Transient Facility Sees "First Light"
November 14, 2017 Karen Carleton and Jonathan Katz Named UMD Distinguished Scholar-Teachers
November 16, 2017 High-altitude Observatory Sheds Light on Origin of Excess Anti-matter
November 17, 2017 Chilled Atoms Enable Deeper Understanding of Simple Chemistry
November 27, 2017 France Recognizes Contributions of UMIACS' Rita Colwell with Appointment to the Legion of Honor
November 29, 2017 Quantum Simulators Wield Control Over More Than 50 Qubits, Setting New Record
December 2, 2017 Astronomy Graduate Student Kyle Sheppard is Lead Author on "Death Planet" Study - Newsweek
December 4, 2017 Narrow Glass Threads Synchronize the Light Emissions of Distant Atoms
December 5, 2017 Charles Bennett (B.S. '78, Physics and Astronomy) Receives 2018 Breakthrough Prize
December 5, 2017 New Algorithm Repairs Corrupted Digital Images in One Step
December 6, 2017 Geology's Thomas Holtz Comments on "Duck-Like" Dinosaur - The New York Times
December 12, 2017 Six College Faculty Members Elected American Physical Society Fellows
December 12, 2017 College Sets New Record for UMD Crowdfunding Campaigns
December 13, 2017 Three Seniors Honored as 2017 Merrill Presidential Scholars
December 14, 2017 Ming Lin Named Chair of UMD Department of Computer Science
December 19, 2017 Georgette Kiser and Priyanka Anisetti to Speak at College’s December Commencement Ceremony
December 20, 2017 Entomology Graduate Student Samuel Ramsey Wins International Thesis Competition
December 21, 2017 UMD's American Chemical Society Student Chapter Highlighted - inChemistry