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January 20, 2015 Amid the Clatter of Bats, a Call to Feed - New York Times
January 20, 2015 Astronomy's Sylvain Veilleux and Vicki Toy Studying Oddball Galaxy - Baltimore Sun
January 21, 2015 Rosetta Data Give Closest-ever Look at a Comet
January 21, 2015 Visiting Research Scientist James Ulrich Builds Cybersecurity Collaborations Between UMD and CyberPoint
January 23, 2015 Craig Carlson (Ph.D. ’94, Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences) Received Top Honor from the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography
January 26, 2015 Entomology's Dennis vanEngelsdorp Weighs in on Possible Beekeeper Extinction - Wall Street Journal
January 27, 2015 Dennis vanEngelsdorp's Passion for Honey Bees Captured in New Short Film
January 27, 2015 College Welcomes Five New Faculty Members this Spring
January 27, 2015 College Board of Visitors Chair Tom Snitch Uses Satellites, Mathematics and Drones to Take Down Poachers in Africa - The Conversation
January 28, 2015 Customized Soap Bubbles Set to Transform Drug and Vaccine Delivery
January 29, 2015 Connecticut-Sized Dead Zones Are Killing Off Fish Worldwide, According to Biology’s Keryn Gedan - Munchies
January 29, 2015 Human Nature May Seal the Planet's Warming Fate, Says Raghu Murtugudde – Live Science
January 30, 2015 Graduate School Purchases Online Career-development Program for Students – The Diamondback
January 30, 2015 Daniel Kirk-Davidoff Explains Why the Big Blizzard Forecast Seemed Off – New York Daily News
January 30, 2015 UMD Physicists Study High-energy Cosmic Phenomena Between Two Volcanic Peaks – The Diamondback
January 30, 2015 Income Generated By Tourism Activity Could Be the Key to Healthier Coral Reefs
February 2, 2015 New Mechanism of Epigenetic Inheritance Could Advance Study of Evolution and Disease Treatment
February 2, 2015 Company Co-Founded by Jonathan Chen (B.S. ’14, Computer Science) Receives $10 Million Investment – Wall Street Journal
February 5, 2015 Sea Slug Uses Gene from Algae to Live Like a Plant – Discovery News
February 5, 2015 John Nance (B.S. ’13, Geology) Finds 15 Million-year-old Mollusk Protein - European Association of Geochemistry
February 5, 2015 Computer Science Major Andrew Liu Co-Authors Study that Matches Code to Programmer – The Diamondback
February 5, 2015 Exploring Quantum Weirdness at the Joint Quantum Institute – Physics Central
February 5, 2015 Entomology’s Mike Raupp Provides Advice on Preventing Bed Bugs – NBC Washington
February 6, 2015 Computer Science’s Jonathan Katz Breaks Down How Hackers like Lizard Squad Penetrate Federal Computer Networks – Federal News Radio
February 9, 2015 Jason Green (B.S. ’11, Biological Sciences), Founder of NYC’s EdenWorks, Talks Urban Agriculture and Aquaponics Technology – Social Change Nation