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December 19, 2014 Computer Science Receives $38.7 Million in Gifts
December 19, 2014 Game Changer
December 19, 2014 Aliza Licht (B.S. ’96, Biological Science), DKNY PR GIRL, Beyond 140 Characters - Forbes
December 22, 2014 Raghu Murtugudde Says Give Developing Countries a Voice to Cool a Warming Planet – Live Science
December 22, 2014 A Conversation with Chemistry Graduate Student Benjamin Roembke
December 22, 2014 Phil Schneider (B.S. '79, Biochemistry) Received 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award for Chemistry and Biochemistry
December 22, 2014 2014 Year in Review
December 29, 2014 Geology's Thomas Holtz Interviewed about 'Golden Age' of Dinosaur Discovery - NBC News
January 3, 2015 Antonio Busalacchi Discusses How Changing Climate Transformed Virginia into Wine Center Thomas Jefferson Envisioned 200 years Ago – The Daily Climate
January 4, 2015 Saving Energy with 'Personal HVAC Systems'
January 5, 2015 Geology's Sujay Kaushal Comments on High Salt Concentrations in Two Md. Rivers - The Baltimore Sun
January 5, 2015 College Researcher, Three Alumnae Named Fellows of the American Physical Society
January 7, 2015 Geology's Thomas Holtz Comments on Utah's Dinosaur 'Death Trap' - National Geographic
January 8, 2015 Rita Colwell Comments on Google Earth Engine Data Mapping Projects - New York Times
January 8, 2015 Algae Use Same Molecular Machinery as Land Plants to Respond to a Plant Hormone
January 8, 2015 Computer Science's Aravind Srinivasan Named Association for Computing Machinery Fellow
January 9, 2015 Melissa Kenney Selected for 2015 Sigma Xi Young Investigator Award
January 9, 2015 Aliza Licht (B.S. ’96, Biological Science) Makes List of Fluff-Free Digital Experts to Follow in 2015 - Inc.
January 12, 2015 Robots Learn to Use Kitchen Tools by Watching YouTube Videos
January 13, 2015 Manoel Gomes Mendonça (Ph.D. '97, Computer Science) Appointed Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation in Bahia, Brazil
January 15, 2015 Charge Instability Detected Across All Types of Copper-based Superconductors
January 16, 2015 Scientists Complete Array on Mexican Volcano - Symmetry Magazine
January 17, 2015 College Board of Visitors Member Sam Malhotra Named Secretary of Maryland Department of Human Resources
January 20, 2015 Rice-sized Laser, Powered One Electron at a Time, Bodes Well for Quantum Computing
January 20, 2015 Human-Like Robots Are Getting Jobs - Forbes