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November 17, 2014 UMD Students Part of Top Collegiate Team for Ancient Board Game Called Go - Diamondback
November 18, 2014 Professor Russell Dickerson Comments on Policies Related to the Long-range Movement of Pollutants – Environment & Energy Publishing
November 19, 2014 “Green Revolution” Changes Breathing of the Biosphere
November 20, 2014 Dwarf Galaxy Mystery: ‘Kicked’ Black Hole or Mega Star?
November 20, 2014 Quantum Information Expert Andrew Childs Joins UMD as Co-Director of QuICS
November 21, 2014 Geology’s Michael Brown Publishes Study Showing that Rocks Get Super-heated to 1000 C Under New Mountains - BBC
November 21, 2014 Geology’s Thomas Holtz Talks About Our New Understanding of Tyrannosaurus Rex – Radio New Zealand
November 23, 2014 UMD Biological Sciences Senior Fang Cao Named Rhodes Scholar
November 24, 2014 Sixth-grade Prince George's County Students Participate in Biology Lecture – The Diamondback
November 25, 2014 UMD Observatory Celebrates 50 Years - The Diamondback
November 25, 2014 UMD Launches Center to Boost Women Involvement in Computer Science - The Diamondback
November 25, 2014 Chemistry and Biochemistry's Lai-Xi Wang Named AAAS Fellow
November 25, 2014 Biology Affiliate Gregory Ball Named AAAS Fellow
November 25, 2014 Terrapin Teachers Gives Students Chance to Educate While Learning – The Diamondback
December 1, 2014 UMD Student Uses Oculus Rift to Create Virtual Campus Visit for Prospective Students – The Diamondback
December 1, 2014 Physics’ Jim Gates Weighs in on Perfect NFL Catch – New York Times
December 1, 2014 Astronomy’s Jessica Sunshine Discusses NASA’s Need for More Plutonium - Nature
December 1, 2014 Geology’s Thomas Holtz Weighs in on Dinosaurs of ‘Jurassic World’ - National Geographic
December 1, 2014 Will Maryland’s Governor-elect Prescribe a New Treatment for Bay Health?
December 3, 2014 UMD Ranks Among World’s Best in Scientific Productivity
December 4, 2014 Raghu Murtugudde Pens Op-Ed on Whether Money Drives Climate Data – Live Science
December 4, 2014 Computer Science’s Jonathan Katz Receives Humboldt Research Award
December 4, 2014 Physics’ Eun-Suk Seo Prepares to Send Project to International Space Station – The Diamondback
December 4, 2014 Bill Dorland, Physics Professor and Director of the Honors College, Talks About his Love of Teaching
December 8, 2014 Astronomers Discover Unique Spiral Galaxy with Twin “Jets” and “Halo”