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May 4, 2016 Entomology’s Mike Raupp Offers Tips to Guard Against Mosquito Bites as Zika Fears Grow – ABC News
May 4, 2016 Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics’ Norma Andrews Contributes to New Appreciation of Lysosomes - ASBMB
May 3, 2016 Shalynn Pack (M.S. ’15, Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology) Published Study Showing Nations Are Chipping Away at Their Protected Lands – Yale Environment 360
May 3, 2016 Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm Co-authors World Bank Report on Severe Impact Changing Climate Could Have on Water Supplies
May 3, 2016 Distinguished University Professor of Physics Christopher Monroe Elected to National Academy of Sciences
May 2, 2016 Physics’ Ellen Williams Elected Foreign Member of the Royal Society
May 2, 2016 Ning Zeng Co-authors Study Showing Earth has Become Significantly Greener Due to Extra Carbon Dioxide - Slate
May 2, 2016 Physics’ S. James Gates Is Known for Work on Supersymmetry and Dedication to Promoting STEM Education - U.S. News
April 30, 2016 Astronomy’s Michael A’Hearn Discusses Five Takeaways From ESA's Rosetta Comet Mission - Forbes
April 29, 2016 Biology’s Keryn Gedan Comments on Study Suggesting Huge Ocean 'Dead Zones’ Could Appear by 2030 Because of Climate Change - Vice
April 29, 2016 Physics’ Thomas M. Antonsen Jr. Awarded 2016 John R. Pierce Award for Excellence in Vacuum Electronics
April 29, 2016 UMD Kicks off National Future STEM Leaders Meetings
April 28, 2016 Biology’s Arthur Popper Comments on Finding that Half of Farmed Fish Have Hearing Loss Due to Deformed Ear Bones - Newsweek
April 28, 2016 Howard Milchberg (Physics/IREAP/ECE) Comments on the Feasibility of the "Starshot" Interstellar Probe – Physics Today
April 26, 2016 First Multi-year Study of Honey Bee Parasites and Disease Reveals Troubling Trends
April 25, 2016 Gretchen Campbell Named Co-director of the Joint Quantum Institute
April 22, 2016 Oscillating Currents Point to Practical Application for Topological Insulators
April 21, 2016 Geology’s Thomas Holtz Comments on Surprisingly Self-sufficient Babies of Giant Dinosaurs - Science
April 21, 2016 Mary Ann Rankin and Chris Jarzynski Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
April 19, 2016 Computer Science’s Atif Memon Receives Fraunhofer-Bessel Research Award
April 18, 2016 UMD and Max Planck Society Establish Joint Doctoral Program in Computer Science
April 17, 2016 HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory Reveals New Look at the Very-high-energy Sky
April 15, 2016 Computer Science’s Jonathan Katz Comments on the Use of Social Security Numbers to Verify Identity – The Baltimore Sun
April 13, 2016 College’s Alumni Network Announces its 2016 Summer Undergraduate Award Winners
April 13, 2016 No Time Like the Present for Quantum Programming, Says Neil Julien Ross