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July 6, 2017 Physics' Abolhassan Jawahery Comments on Large Hadron Collider's Discovery of New Particle - New Scientist
July 3, 2017 Food and Nutrition Securities Often Overlooked, Says Atmospheric and Oceanic Science's Raghu Murtugudde - Down To Earth
June 30, 2017 Deborah Schifter (M.A. '78, Applied Mathematics) Inducted into the Hall of Fame for Mathematics Educators - Education Development Center
June 30, 2017 Distinguished University Professor Larry Davis Named Interim Chair of UMD Department of Computer Science
June 30, 2017 Andrew Harris Named Chair of UMD Department of Astronomy
June 29, 2017 Joint Quantum Institute's Christopher Monroe Crafts Ion-based Quantum Computers - Science News
June 28, 2017 Sarah Blumberg (B.S. ’16, Biological Sciences; B.A. ’16, Spanish) Awarded Fulbright Fellowship
June 27, 2017 Rachel Eberius (B.S. '15, Biological Sciences) Collects Data on Health of Eagles in Minnesota and Michigan - International Falls Journal
June 27, 2017 Physics' Peter Shawhan Discusses LIGO Collaborations with Other Astronomers - Symmetry
June 27, 2017 Atmospheric and Oceanic Science's Ross Salawitch Comments on Paper Suggesting Chemical Could Threaten Ozone Hole Recovery - The Washington Post
June 27, 2017 Anna Lieberman (B.S. ’16, Biochemistry) Awarded Fulbright Scholarship
June 23, 2017 Entomology's Michael Raupp Discusses Bedbug Problems and Prevention - WTOP
June 22, 2017 NASA Honors A'Hearn With Exceptional Public Service Medal — NASA
June 22, 2017 CBMG's Jonathan Dinman Comments On New Study Suggesting Ribosomes Are Highly Specialized — Science
June 20, 2017 Three Graduate Students Receive 2017 NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowships
June 18, 2017 Carolina Ruiz (Ph.D. '96, Computer Science) Co-develops "Bee-cology" App to Track and Identify Bumblebees' Interactions with Plants -
June 16, 2017 Atmospheric and Oceanic Science's Raghu Murtugudde Says Climate Action Doesn't Have to Come at a Cost to Economic Growth - HuffPost
June 16, 2017 Entomology's Dennis vanEngelsdorp Comments on Dying Bees in New Jersey -
June 15, 2017 Dean's List: Spring 2017
June 14, 2017 Physics' David Curtin and Raman Sundrum Discuss the Hidden Worlds of Fundamental Particles - Physics Today
June 13, 2017 University of Maryland Joins Grand Coalition to Support Paris Agreement Climate Action
June 13, 2017 Computer Science's Hal Daumé and Jordan Boyd-Graber Build Computerized System That Beats Human Quiz Bowl Team at Atlanta Exhibition
June 13, 2017 Mosquito-killing Fungi Engineered with Spider and Scorpion Toxins Could Help Fight Malaria
June 13, 2017 NASA Honors Renowned UMD Comet Science Pioneer Michael A’Hearn (1940-2017)
June 12, 2017 Techniques That Enable Computers to Learn Can Also Describe Complex Quantum Systems