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October 5, 2016 Biology's Jonathan Simon and Colleagues: Speech Processing Declines with Age — Neuroscience News
September 29, 2016 Unplanned Paths Lead Back to Maryland
September 29, 2016 $2.1 Million from the State of Maryland will Match Private Donations for Two Endowed Chairs at UMD
September 28, 2016 Maryland Center for Women in Computing to Host Inaugural Diversity in Computing Summit
September 27, 2016 UMD Scientists Help Develop New Drought Early Warning Tool
September 27, 2016 UMD Researchers Team Up to Study Cybercrime Victimization over Smartphone Devices
September 25, 2016 College to Participate in Inclusive Hiring Project to Attract More Diverse Job Applicants - The Diamondback
September 25, 2016 UMD's Timothy Koeth Helps Undergrads Build Particle Accelerators - The Washington Post
September 25, 2016 Q&A With White House Data Scientist DJ Patil (MA '99, Ph.D. '01, Applied Mathematics) - The Washington Post
September 25, 2016 Steven Armentrout (Ph.D. ’94, Computer Science) and his Company Parabon NanoLabs Create Facial Image that Could Help Identify Murdered UNC Student's Killer - ABC News
September 23, 2016 UMD Professors & Alumnus Named 2016 Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates
September 23, 2016 Summer Fireworks on Rosetta's Comet
September 20, 2016 Entomology's Mike Raupp Offers Ideas for Keeping Stink Bugs Out of Your House -
September 16, 2016 Women Break Barriers in Computer Science at Some Top Colleges, Including UMD - The Washington Post
September 15, 2016 Machine Learning in a Quantum World
September 14, 2016 High Number of Pesticides Within Colonies Linked to Honey Bee Deaths
September 14, 2016 100 Years Ago, UMD Accepted its First Four-year Female Student, Elizabeth Hook (B.S. Entomology, '20) - The Diamondback
September 9, 2016 UMD Physicists Discover “Smoke Rings” Made of Laser Light
September 9, 2016 Scientists Expect to Calculate Amount of Fuel Inside Earth by 2025
September 4, 2016 Jennifer Holland (M.S. ’98, Conservation) Turns Bestselling Author With Series on “Unlikely Friendships”
September 3, 2016 Entomology's Dennis vanEngelsdorp Comments on Zika Spray Killing Millions of Honey Bees - New York Times
September 1, 2016 UMD Researchers Study How Stubbornness Affects Voting
September 1, 2016 Astronomy's Massimo Ricotti Weighs in on Whether We Could Be Surrounded by Tiny Black Holes and Not Even Know it - Big Think
August 31, 2016 Geology's Tom Holtz Comments on New Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton - The Guardian
August 30, 2016 Paulo Shakarian (M.S. ’09, Ph.D. ’11, Computer Science) and UMD Scientists Developed Artificial Intelligence System that Locates Insurgent Leaders and their Major Supply Depots - Quartz