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November 20, 2014 Quantum Information Expert Andrew Childs Joins UMD as Co-Director of QuICS
November 19, 2014 “Green Revolution” Changes Breathing of the Biosphere
November 18, 2014 Professor Russell Dickerson Comments on Policies Related to the Long-range Movement of Pollutants – Environment & Energy Publishing
November 17, 2014 Biology’s Karen Lips Writes Op-Ed on Stopping the Next Amphibian Apocalypse – New York Times
November 17, 2014 Rosetta’s Onboard Camera Spots Philae Lander Drifting Across the Comet
November 17, 2014 Astronomy’s Michael Kelley Comments on Mysterious Oort Cloud Objects that Shed Light on Early Solar System – Science Magazine
November 17, 2014 Four College Researchers Win American Physical Society Awards
November 17, 2014 UMD Students Part of Top Collegiate Team for Ancient Board Game Called Go - Diamondback
November 14, 2014 UMD Researchers Using Technology to Track Mental Health
November 13, 2014 UMD Career Center Offers Advice for Women Entering the Workforce - Diamondback
November 13, 2014 Huang Qiu Joins UMD as First Ph.D. Student in Joint Program with East China Normal University
November 13, 2014 UMD Hosts Girls' Cybersecurity Career Workshop - Diamondback
November 13, 2014 Computer Science Majors Mentor Local High Schools in the CyberPatriot Competition
November 12, 2014 Computer Science Major Abhas Arya is CTO of Personal Chef Business on Campus - The Diamondback
November 11, 2014 UMD Freshmen Exposed to Advanced Research Opportunities Through FIRE Program – The Diamondback
November 11, 2014 UMD Astronomers to Analyze Surface of Comet as Spacecraft Drops Robotic Probe on It
November 11, 2014 Study by Biology’s Keryn Gedan Shows Larger ‘Dead Zones,’ Oxygen-Depleted Water, Likely Because of Climate Change – Washington Post
November 10, 2014 Astronomy’s Tony Farnham Discusses Precautions Taken Before Comet Grazed Mars and Caused Thousands of Shooting Stars – Daily Mail
November 10, 2014 John Nance (B.S. ’13, Geology) Studies Remains of 15-million-year-old Snaggletooth Shark – Washington Post
November 10, 2014 Open-Source ‘Plant Library’ Can Help Unlock Management Strategies for Endangered Species
November 10, 2014 A Billion Holes Can Make a Battery
November 10, 2014 UMD to Host Nov. 12 Viewing Party for First-Ever Landing of a Probe on a Comet
November 10, 2014 Geology’s Vedran Lekic Uses Sound to Peer Beneath Earth’s Crust – Baltimore Sun
November 7, 2014 Ralph Boe (Ph.D. ’70, Physical Chemistry) Brings Experience, Advice to Business Students - Chattanoogan
November 7, 2014 Physics’ Charles Misner Weighs in on Whether ‘Interstellar’ Movie Got the Science Right – Christian Science Monitor