Effective Fall 2019, Computer Science has been designated as a limited enrollment program (LEP) major at the University of Maryland (UMD). This page provides initial answers to frequently asked questions and will be updated as more information becomes available and as policy and implementation plans develop further.

When will LEP restrictions begin?

Limited enrollment designation began in Fall 2019 and applies to all new freshmen, new transfer students and internal transfers changing majors within the University.

How many majors is Computer Science limited to?

There is no limit to the total number of Compter Science majors under the LEP.  All students who successfully complete the gateway requirements will be admitted to the major.

I am a current UMD student who may want to become a Computer Science major (internal transfer into the major). Do LEP requirements apply to me?

Current students who wish to declare a Computer Science must complete the LEP gateway requirements and apply to be admitted to the major once they have completed them. 

What are the requirements to for me to change my major to the Computer Science LEP beginning in Fall 2019 (internal and external transfer)?

The Limited Enrollment Program website provides general information about the LEP review process. Specific gateway course requirements for Computer Science LEP majors are also available.  Effective in Fall 2019, registration for CMSC131 and CMSC132 is open to all students and does not require special department permission.  

What are the internal transfer application deadlines for LEP admission?

For internal transfers (current UMD students), the LEP application is due on the 5th business day of the month as follows:
• Spring semester admission: January
• Fall semester admission: June

Once students complete gateway requirements, they submit an LEP application (UMD login required) through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. More information is provided at the lep.umd.edu site.

What if I want to add Computer Science as a second major or second degree?

Now that the LEP is in place the process of adding Computer Science as a second major or degree will be the same as if you were declaring your first major. Students will have to complete the gateway requirements, apply to the LEP and be reviewed.

Will the computer science minor come under the LEP gateway requirements?

Yes, in Fall 2019, students who would like to add a Computer Science minor will be reviewed by the department and be required to meet the same gateway requirements as those in place to declare the major.

Can I take Computer Science classes for which I meet the prerequisites if I am not a Computer Science major?

Enrollment in all Computer Science courses above the 100-level will be restricted to Computer Science majors and minors, and Computer Engineering majors.

Are AP and IB credit accepted to fulfill LEP gateway requirements?

Yes. The specific way in which AP/IB credit is handled depends on the score and UMD course equivalency. Please see the list of specific gateway course requirements for details. Please review information about prior learning credit  for AP and IB courses, required scores and course equivalency.  The University currently grants credit for AP Computer Science A (but not AP Computer Science Principles) as well as AP and IB Calculus.

How are external transfer applicants reviewed for LEP admission?

Students enrolled at other colleges and universities who wish to transfer to the University of Maryland (external transfer students) should review the University's Transfer Admissions Requirements and must apply online using the Transfer Admission Application. External transfer students who have completed all LEP major gateway course requirements at their previous institution will be directly admitted to the Computer Science major. External transfer students who have not yet completed all gateway admission requirements but are admissible to the University of Maryland will be admitted to Letters & Sciences, where they may work to fulfill the remaining gateway requirements. They must then apply for LEP admission as an internal transfer student (please see above question). Students who have attempted but not succeeded in the gateway requirements at prior institutions will not be admitted to the Computer Science major; they may be admitted and choose another major at the University, but will not be allowed to subsequently declare the Computer Science major.

External transfer students can contact the Pre-Transfer Advising office for additional information about transferring to the University of Maryland.

Do all my course attempts count toward the gateway course review?

Yes. Only one "gateway" course may be repeated to earn the required minimum grade and that course may only be repeated once. Withdrawing from a course with a "W" and repeating it in a subsequent semester counts as a repeat for gateway review purposes. For external transfer students, all attempts at courses, whether taken at UMD or elsewhere, count in LEP gateway review and will be included in the minimum GPA requirement.  Students who need more than one repeat of a gateway course will not be allowed to declare the Computer Science major.

What majors are good alternatives if I don't qualify for the Computer Science major?

This resource page provides more information about majors related to computer, data and information sciences at UMD.


Please email Eden Garosi at egarosi@umd.edu if you have additional questions.

last updated September 26, 2019