Sunday, March 16, 2014

The University of Maryland Department of Computer Science hosted the 24th annual University of Maryland High School Programming Contest on Saturday, March 1, 2014. Twenty-eight teams of D.C. area high school students gathered in the Computer Science Instructional Center to use their programming and problem-solving skills to solve several "Despicable Me" themed programming problems.

Devising challenges for the teams of four high school students to solve were:

Student submissions were judged on correctness, followed by speed of submission. The top seven places in this year's competition were awarded to:

    1. Thomas Jefferson High School
    2. Montgomery Blair High School
    3. Poolesville High School
    4. Winston Churchill High School
    5. Sidwell Friends School
    6. Towson High School
    7. Marriot's Ridge High School

The John Gannon Award for the most improved team was awarded to Mount Hebron High School.

The High School Programming Contest was sponsored by Nancy Garrison; the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies; the UMD College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences; the UMD Department of Computer Science; Dante Consulting; Appian; and Papa John's Pizza.

Brenda Chick, Jendayi Nyabingi, James Phongsuwan and Jeanine Worden organized the logistical and technical parts of the event. Susan Schmoyer designed the graphics. Undergraduates Josh Berenhaus, Vito Chen, Jennifer Choudhry, William Definbaugh, Anupam Ghosh, Kevin Hui, Angela Kuriacose, Daniel McLaughlin, Angel Plane, Fredris Rennie, Walker Wright, and Daniil Zadorozhny, and high school students Yael Emeshwu, Olufemi Nyabingi, and Amanda Thomas provided assistance.

--University of Maryland/College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences--

This article was written by E. Redmiles and B. K. Adams.