Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jim GatesSylvester James "Jim" Gates, Jr. was chosen, by the students and faculty of the Harvard Foundation, to receive the 2014 Scientist of the Year Award. The award recognizes internationally noted scientist for their remarkable scientific achievments and for promoting initiatives that serve to increase diversity in all areas of science, engineering and mathematics. It will be presented on March 28 from the President of Harvard University, the dean of Harvard College and the director of the Harvard Foundation.

Gates is known for his work in supersymmetry and supergravity, areas closely related to superstring theory, which seeks to describe the fundamental matter of the universe and is sometimes referred to as a "theory of everything." He is the John S. Toll Professor of Physics and director of the Center for String and Particle Theory. In 2013, President Obama awarded him the National Medal of Science in a White House ceremony.