Currently registered UM students who wish to declare a major or minor in a CMNS discipline should follow the processes below depending on which program they are interested in. Students must be in the major in which they will graduate prior to registering for their last semester, and they must officially add a double major/double degree one year prior to graduating. The CMNS Peer Mentors assist students with making four-year plan for their prospective major.

Astronomy | Atmospheric and Oceanic Science | Geology | Mathematics |
Physics | Physical Sciences

  • Make an appointment with the CMNS department advisor for your major or minor.  The advisor will explain major/minor requirements, and will help you assess whether or not the major is right for you.
  • Complete and sign a change of major form at this meeting.
  • Submit the signed form to the CMNS Student Services Office as an email attachment to   Your request will be approved/processed in 24-48 hours, and become effective in the subsequent academic semester.  A major change is not complete until the CMNS Dean's Office has approved it.
  • Requests to add a major or minor will be denied if the request requires Dean's exception(s) to policy - for example, if the major would require the student to exceed the attempted course or repeat credit limits.  Students whose major request is denied will be notified by email.

Computer Science

  • Visit the prospective students section of the undergraduate Computer Science website for instructions on declaring a Computer Science major or minor.  The Computer Science major and minor were designated as limited enrollment programs beginning in the Fall 2019 semester.  

Biochemistry | Biological Sciences | Chemistry |
Environmental Sciences & Policy - Biodiversity and Conservation | Neuroscience

Effective Fall 2010, these majors were designated as limited enrollment programs.  Admission to these majors is highly selective, including the completion of gateway courses and a minimum GPA.  To apply one of these majors, students should:

Please review the LEP Transfer FAQ page for additional LEP admission review information for the BSCI, CHEM, BCHM, ENSP-BIOD, and NEUR limited enrollment majors.  For any additional questions email: or contact 301-314-8385.

Immersive Media Design 

This new major will begin enrolling students in the Fall 2021 semester.   The major will be a limited enrollment program.   For more information about this new major, please visit the program website at