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Student Services

Student Services Office
1300 Symons Hall
phone: 301.405.2080
fax: 301.405-1655
(please include your name, UID, and major)
Mon - Fri, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Ms. Stacia Woycheck
Assistant Dean, Student Services

Ms. Amy Alexander
Director, Student Services

Ms. Evelyn Covington
Program Manager, New Student Programs

Academic Advisor Staff

Ms. Kasey Ezzat
Senior Academic Advisor

Ms. Kendra Lewis
Academic Advisor

Ms. Stephanie Bent
Graduate Assistant & Academic Advisor

Mr. Logan Dechter
Graduate Assistant & Academic Advisor

Ms. Gelila Haile
Graduate Assistant & Academic Advisor

Ms. Sanjana Srinaga Kavuru
Graduate Assistant & Academic Advisor

Program Staff

Ms. Darshal Smith
Program Management Specialist

The CMNS Undergraduate Student Services Office achieved Bronze Certification in the Green Office Progam. Click the logo below to learn more!

Green Office Program Participant

Undergraduate Academic Programs & Admissions

Dr. Robert Infantino
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education
2300E Symons Hall

Dr. Joelle Presson
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Academic Programs
1322 Symons Hall

Dr. Katerina (Kaci) Thompson
Assistant Dean, Science Education Initiatives
1313 Symons Hall

Ms. Jennifer Carrion
BioFIRE Academic Advisor
1313 Symons Hall

Dr. Francisca Saavedra
Assistant Director, Biological Sciences Program
1326 Symons Hall

Dr. Gili Marbach-Ad
Director, CMNS Teaching and Learning Center
1328 Symons Hall

Dr. Swarna Mohan
Lecturer & BSCI 171 Laboratory Director
1222 H.J. Patterson Hall

Ms. Virginia Weeks
BSCI 171 Assistant Instructor
1224 H.J. Patterson Hall

Mr. Hans Lemke
BSCI 161 Laboratory Coordinator
3212 H.J. Patterson Hall

Ms. Elaine Shaw-Taylor
1322 Symons Hall

Undergraduate Admissions

Ms. Eden M. Garosi, Class of 1996
Program Manager, Undergraduate Admissions Counseling and Recruitment
1318A Symons Hall

Ms. Courtney Cann
2321 Symons Hall