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College Scholarships and Awards

Students seeking scholarship support will complete an electronic application to help us review their qualifications/match for scholarships.  All CMNS College scholarships will take into account BOTH academic merit and financial need.  Students applying for college scholarships must have a current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with the University Office of Student Financial Aid (OFSA) in order to determine financial need. Students who do not have a current FAFSA on file will not be further considered for CMNS scholarships.  Scholarships are only awarded to students whose primary major is in CMNS.  CMNS Scholarships are awarded to returning students already enrolled in courses in May each year.  They are not awarded to new freshmen or to new transfer students. 

The J. R. Dorfman Prize has a separate application process and deadline, and does not include a criterion of financial needPlease see the Dorfman Prize information page.

Students should also visit department scholarship websites to access more scholarships pertaining to their field of study.

The 2016-17 scholarship application process is closed.  Please return to this page during the middle of the Spring 2017 semester for information about the 2017-18 application cycle.  

CLICK HERE to go to the Scholarship Application


Fund Name

Anderson Legacy Scholarship Fund

Biomedical Research and Education Fund

Clifford and Camille Kendall CMNS Scholarship

The Clifford M. and Camille E. Kendall Undergraduate Scholarship

CMNS Scholarship Fund

CMNS Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

Dr. John W Reed Health Professions
Student Support Fund

The James and Wendy Nussbaum Endowed Scholarship

Kosta Stojanovich Endowed Scholarship for Pre-medical students

Maud, Walter and Grace McCormack Scholarship

Parmar Family Endowed Scholarship

James H. & Patricia H. Rich Scholarship

The CMNS Alumni Association Chapter Student Support Endowment

The Dr. Charles "Max" Hunt Dean's Scholarship in the Life Sciences

The Eda T. Bloom Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The J. Robert Dorfman Endowed Prize for Undergraduate Research

The Jeffrey and Lily Chen Scholarship Award

The Nancy L. Goldsmith Scholarship in Nursing

The Rattner Family Endowed Scholarship

Mary A. Ross and Robert W. Ross Endowed Scholarship

USM Univ at SG/CP Biological Sci. Scholarship

Willard and Bertha Simonds

last updated February 16, 2017