Find another home on campus!

Maryland’s living/learning programs give our students a chance to join a community of people with common interests. Whether you want to live with students who are active in community-service, engage in group research, or be immersed in a foreign language, there is sure to be a program that is a perfect fit for you!

Invitations to many of these programs are extended along with your acceptance letter from Undergraduate Admissions; other programs require you to submit a separate application or to apply once you have begun your classes on campus.

Here are some of the outstanding living/learning programs you can take advantage of:

College Park Scholars

College Park Scholars is a community of twelve interdisciplinary programs designed to intellectually challenge and engage for academically talented first- and second-year students. Learning in Scholars is challenging in its interdisciplinary inquiry and rigorous in its focus on critical and integrative thinking. Practical experiences such as internships, research, community service and study abroad, emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge and promote the early development of professional competencies.  The twelve interdisciplinary programs of Scholars each focus on a specific theme and offer specially designed courses and experiences that relate to its theme, and Scholars in a program live together within a residence hall.

The Honors College

The Honors College is Maryland's long established program for students with exceptional academic talents. Intellectual challenge, discussion-based seminars, outstanding faculty, and a smaller nurturing community within this lively campus are the hallmarks of the Honors College. The Honors College is comprised of several smaller communities described on the websites below:


Global Communities - students from more than 30 countries and the United States, representing a variety of cultural backgrounds, come together to form an international community. These undergraduate residents share a common desire to build bridges of cooperation and understanding between cultures.

Hinman CEOs - As the nation’s first living-learning entrepreneurship program, Hinman CEOs is a groundbreaking initiative placing entrepreneurially-minded students from all technical and non-technical academic disciplines in a unique community. The mission of Hinman CEOs is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, create a sense of community and cooperation, and develop ethical leaders.

Language House - open to second-semester freshmen and above, the Language House provides students who are serious about language learning, with the opportunity for daily language and cultural immersion in an organized study environment.

Jimenez-Porter Writers’ House - a literary center for the study of creative writing across cultures and languages. The program acts as the vibrant literary hub of the university, fostering a successful literary community among undergraduate student residents.

Beyond the Classroom - an interdisciplinary living and learning program for undergraduate students in which students develop educational and professional leadership skills to understand and contribute to civic engagement and social change in a global context.

CIVICUS - a program for enthusiastic, motivated, and dedicated students who want to get involved with the campus and local community to make a positive difference.  CIVICUS Associates (first and second year students) enrich their academic work and explore career opportunities by volunteering with non-profit organizations, creating their own community service projects, and participating in internships at the University of in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

QUEST Honors Program - a three-year, multidisciplinary, reality-centered program that provides students with a challenging course of study that cultivates quality management, process improvement, and system design skills through team projects and co-curricular programming. Applications for freshmen with at least 12 credits and a GPA of 3.0 or higher are open each December on the QUEST website.